ThermoVu™ DTM 700

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DTM- 700 is an automatic, non-contact thermal temperature-screening instrument that measures temperature through thermal imaging and controls entry to facilities when temperature measurements exceed pre-determined parameters. DTM-700 provides real-time thermal imaging and multi-target automatic temperature screening, effective at accurately and quickly screening longer distances and large scenes. It can be widely applied in schools, office buildings, subway stations, airports and other public venues.


  • Longer distance, large scenes can also be accurately and quickly screened
  • The system contains a black-body, and the temperature screening accuracy is ≤0.3℃
  • Simultaneous temperature display of visible and infrared thermal imaging
  • Real time thermal imaging, multi-target automatic temperature screening
  • Support automatic capture when alarm is triggered to provide evidence after the event
  • Support automatic calibration of body and surface temperature to make temperature screening more accurate
  • Support historical alarm record query
  • The whole system is delivered together with tripod, black body reference device, accessories and software
  • One-year warranty

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